My friend Maya took these pictures in front of our orange door and then on the steps of the courthouse in Santa Barbara, with our friends and Doug’s mother accompanied by his two nephews, Joel and Christian. We spread a lot of joy yesterday!!! Thank you all for being a part of our joy. Thank you Felicia (our yoga instructor and editor of L.A. Yoga Magazine) for officiating, chanting and wearing such fabulous colors…Thank you Maya for letting me crop and choose these images. Love you all madly!!! These are the ceremony pictures. Please click this for the reception pictures.


31 thoughts on “wedding

  1. dear Perry and Dougie

    wishing you much joy, love, harmony, friendship and understanding on your journey together. Oh, and tea and biscuits, shared items of clothing, broken tiles, superglue (both for tiles and relationship), fun, laughs, balance and long long times together. God, orange is such a BRIGHT colour isn’t it?
    we love you Rina Ollie Evie Alfie and Will xxxx
    ps Olive looks gorgeous in the photos.. where are Adey and Jasper?!

  2. My fav pic is of you and Doug laughing with palms, lush green (whaaaaaaaaa…). Marigolds in pots hanging in place on graceful cast iron. pink flipflops? ………!!!!!

    What a propitious day.

  3. Oh Perry and Doug!
    What a joy it is to see you in your orange nuptial bliss!
    Such an auspicious time! The new moon, the summer solstice, the brink of (pray) collective change/shift consciousness. Your marriage mirrors the hope, faith, and radical acceptance of “other” that we all so deeply need.
    My love and respect for you is deep,
    Many blessings,

  4. Fantastic shots. Here is proof that you have found a love that you have been searching for for so long. Show the world what love is and tie that exquisite, not just with pride but with humble hearts.
    Blessings and Love,

  5. Hi Doug,

    Greetings from Durango. I was just thinking about you the other day…and now here you are with wedding pictures!
    I particularly like the pink flip-flops with the orange fabric.
    You both look so sweet and joyful.
    Blessings to both of you.

  6. I’m VERKLEMPT!!!

    my darling babycakes and beautiful male husband… I’m overcome with joy and love (and PRIDE) for you both. thank you ever-so-much for the pictues — I’ve been waiting for them, you know. my heart is just bursting!!

    love!!! — your fh1

  7. *

  8. My Two Favorites! The Courthouse will never be the same and neither will all your family and friends. I Adore the fact that you are MARRIED! I can’t wait to hug and celebrate! My Forever Love To Both Of You. XXOO Joan

  9. Ba Ba Ganesh says happy solstice to you both and may your orange beacon vibrate throughout the diamond universe. Anyway have a nice day………………………………………………………………..
    Love and kisses

  10. Perry, Shari sent me the link to this. Congratulations on this beautiful accomplishment. What great pictures of such a fine moment. I am proud temporarily to be an American, or a Californian at least. Best R

  11. Congratulations gentlemen! We were thrilled to see the pictures and hope you felt our love and support throughout the celebration. You both look SSSOOO extremely happy and a wonderful life awaits you! You ALWAYS have a place to visit!
    Love you bunches of oats!
    Heather & Cynthia

  12. Doug!
    Congratulations darling!!!!
    Wow! What a beautiful weddding. The photos are fabulous. Love all the colours. We are so very happy for you and Perry and wish you a wonderful life filled with much love, happiness and health, not to mention many years of fun together.
    Would love to meet Perry sometime when you are in the area.
    Thank you for thinking of us.

    Love and hugs,
    Doug and Annette

  13. Extraordinary happiness exudes throughout these beautiful photographs. Here’s wishing you more, in all your favorite colors ! Congratulations and very best wishes to you Doug,
    to share with Perry.

  14. God…how yummy we all Loved the wedding…orange…bliss…buddah…buddah…buddah.
    Thanks for including me in your dreams.
    love, love, love,

  15. More than an ORANGE CRUSH I’d say! I am so happy for you both. Orangealicisous!! Pinkazoidalicisous! Together LOVEalicious. Makes me teary.
    Love, Love, Love,
    Di Di

  16. O my gods you had an indian wedding,sinse i have been 3 times to India and it has become my favorite place on earth i could not agree more, they are the richest culture on the planet! Many wounderfull lives.

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