April, May & June have rapidly unfolded and unraveled us all.


Did you see it? Did you remember it going by. Full moon in Scorpio, lunar and solar eclipses and flare ups on the sun? Fires and a little quake action. Sunniest May in Santa Barbara and mildest temperatures in the desert. Mosaic workshops, Buddha Abides Show and a stunningly beautiful video created by visitors to the Tile House. Self Portrait almost complete and mosaic bench at Charter School in Weschester completed. Free paintings, work benches and dining chairs on Craigslist. A busy year and a busy spring…Can’t believe we’re now gearing up for the Hwy 62 Art Tours in October… It’s almost here. Four of us are participating in both weekends of the Hwy 62 Art Tours, October 19 & 20 and October 26 & 27 so we thought we’d send out our own special card… there will be over 100 artists on the tour but we want to make sure you don’t miss us.



A dear friend passed this May. Maurice Jemison, he was an excellent potter and a kind and loving soul and friend. He will be greatly missed by his family, his wife Genie and everyone that knew him and his compassionate wisdom and loving nature. Always of balanced mind and heart. Another artist, Mike Smiley passed just a week later in the high desert, also loved by many… felt like a lot of that energy was going on around my orbit… But those of us still here are bound by our love and so very grateful for that. A reminder to stay on the love plane. Be love every waking moment. It’s good medicine. Maurice gave me this mask a few days before he died and said it was meant for the Tile House. It now resides at the Tile House with Mexican ornaments I added. He also looked at me with loving eyes and said, “You’re the sweetest” I replied back, “No, that would be you” .


IMG_3558It was an amazing Spring. Profusion of flowers… Matilija poppies and epiphytes…New mosaics completed and sold. Called the Four Asian Plates.





Self Portrait ready for grout.




A new puppy was added to our pack this last week. Gentle, cute, sweet and wonderful to have around the house, meet Bindi Wagtail Smithman.



Squash in our garden.


Squirrel that Arugula, our cat, caught and killed.


Desert Sunset


Desert Medicine Chest


Desert Record Player. Cobra Matic


Tile House


Chair in the desert. At Tile House



Suzanne Dellinger’s project at the last Mosaic Workshop in the desert, this June.


Tile House


The new pack’s first meeting.






Some dinner being served at The Raft


Fire Drummer mosaic


Lindsley at Solstice with fabulous snake shirt


Also Sea Grass


Matilija Poppies


New address mosaic installing…


Drinking infused purple carrot water with lemons


One of the free paintings on Craigslist.

So yes it has been a whopping busy few months, full of so many things… emotions, energies, music, gardens, love, beauty, flexibility and trying to keep a tender heart and make art. The world has also been erupting around us with strife and disharmony so we send out  love to all directions. Boston Marathon bombings, Tornado victims, people we don’t hear about dying from a drone attack, Fukushima radiation in our Pacific coast water and Mosanto and the GMO wars…

I wrap up here with a line from a song from a Yoko Ono song called Unun. To.

“When you say, “I love you,” remember you are not just saying it to the one you love. You are saying it to yourself, the planet, and the universe.” ~ yoko ono ©2013

Today is also my wedding anniversary. Sending love… and waiting for the Supreme Court of the United States to speak.


Some new cards going to the 29 Palms Visitor Center

Soon to be printed cards on their way to the Twentynine Palms Visitor Center on Hwy 62. Happy first day of Spring to everyone!!

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Buddhist Retreat 2014 in Wonder Valley


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